About Us

All the worlds Monsters have been sent to Planet X, away from destroying and
harming humanity here on Earth.  Welcome to the all new "Monster Planet Toys!" 
The Online Toy Store/Website, that is dedicated to bring your Monster Fantasies
to your very home!  We at Monster Planet Toys aren't just a Store that sells Toys
and Collectibles of your favorite Monsters, we are also fans of the Classic Monsters 
and Sci-Fi/Horror Genre Ourselves! 

We are devoted to give our new customers/fans a chance to get thier hands on rare
and hard to find toys & collectibles of thier favorite Monsters!  We specialize in Godzilla,
His Foes, Ultraman and many others!  Most of our merchandise is imported from Japan. 
We are currently expanding our inventory and will have many other Monsters & Sci-Fi/Horror
Collectibles to offer you as well!  We also want to make this the Best and most Fun Online
Monster Store around!  Monster Planet Toys will offer the best prices and services for your
needs, as well as offering pre-orders for up coming merchandise, all at a simple click of a
button at "The Monster Store!" 

With Monster News, you will be updated on up coming toys and collectibles of your favorite
monsters and much much more!